violet’s bible interpretations part 4: lesbians


In the Christian Bible, there are 61 verses about divorce, 57 about sex between people who aren’t married, 7 verses about promiscuous male to male anal sex and one verse that mentions female to female sex. Here it is:

Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. Romans 1:26-27 

In this chapter, we learn that the god God inflicted a punishment for idolatry on a group of women who were not naturally gay, by making them have sexual relations with other women. It’s an odd punishment, but then the god God isn’t known for his logical punishment decisions (see the stories of Noah or Jonah) and forcing people to have sex with people they’re not naturally attracted to does indeed sound like a punishment.

So, there is only this one mention tenuously related to lesbianism in the Bible, and it’s not to condemn it. This leads to some rather awkward conclusions for Christians:

  • the Bible was written by men who either were gay and afraid of being discovered because of the cultural implications, or were straight and afraid of gay sex
  • in the haste of these closest gays/homophobes to cover their tracks, they forgot that women actually exist, and that the rules they were writing were not exclusively for men

And, of course, the interesting thing to note as Christianity continues it course, is that Christian men discussing same sex marriage are still making the same kind of mistake. Take this comment on the post entitled Hundreds of Christians Prosecuted Over Same Sex Marriage Law:

Man and a man is not equal to a man and a woman. never was, never will. God says men lying with men is abomination God says the union between a man and a woman is holy. An abomination is not equal to holiness. No way no how.  

My friends, the male Christian of this ilk doth protest too much methinks, and across a suspiciously narrow understanding of same sex marriage. Luckily for lesbians, this means they can partake in the natural partnership of their choice, and Christians have no ammunition to suggest it could be sinful.