an invitation to chat with mark about morality


And I’d like to think that even among my critics I’ve shown pretty well why simply saying “morality is a result of evolution” is not a good response as far as the moral argument is concerned.

I’ve had a few chats with Mark over on his posts about morality, because I always feel compelled to explain to Christians that absolute morals don’t exist. However, when it comes to conversations with Mark, we’re on different communication planets. He thinks my view is contradictory:

And again we come to our great conflict. In one hand you tell me that slavery is always wrong, no matter what the context, and thus that the God depicted in the Old Testament is evil. Then with the other hand you tell me that progress is an illusion and that moral truth doesn’t exist. And somewhere in the middle of telling me that there is no real right and wrong we can judge progress by you say that “we never have enough evidence required to evaluate the least harmful approach.” Does this mean that you do believe in some moral truths, that we can reason our way to find evidence to understand those truths, and that finding the “least harmful approach” to life is one of those truths? The very same truths you immediately reject the existence of just a couple sentences later?

To some extent, I can understand his confusion because I keep using words like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, instead of being consistent with ‘less harmful approaches’ and ‘more harmful approaches’. However, I feel that no matter how I explain my position to him, he will never understand, and I thought it might be nice to invite anyone else who is interested in discussing morality to pop over and try enlightening him on a different manner of thinking on this topic. Because I despair of his grasp of any non-religious point of view on ‘morality’ when he thinks that any of the conversations have gone well:

The last few posts have been really neat: it’s been a pleasure to write them and I’ve been happy with all the discussions they spawned in the comments.

Please note this post isn’t a sneaky way to draw attention to the fact that Ark isn’t sticking to his recent non-religious declaration.