seeing good in others


I was inspired recently by Clare Flourish to look for something I can agree with in blogs I dislike. I think this is an interesting idea that encourages us to reflect on positive and shared aspects of our human experience. So, in a form of tribute to my three main fonts of religious-blogging-inspiration, with whom I disagree on almost everything, I thought it would be lovely to write some positive words in honour of their work.

1. Catholic Truth

This quirky blog appeals to Catholics who think the Catholic Church is currently evil but used to be good at some point in the past. As far as I can gather, the last three popes have all been reformers and ‘evil’, but before that popes were properly holy. This blog is anti-same sex marriage, anti-abortion, pro-end times and pro-demons exist. I am banned from commenting because they disagree with my opinions, but I still lurk for inspirational material.

Good things about Catholic Truth:

  • They demonstrate that the line between heresy and orthodoxy is impossible to gauge, and show that differences in interpretation of the Bible and any church’s rules are so broad that no-one can claim to be right.
  • Their leader, the Editor, is a vocal woman, who feels free to criticise the male-dominated Catholic Church from top to bottom, from the point of view that she is closer to the god God than they are. She is a positive role-model of a strong woman, uncowed by those who seek to diminish equality for women in a desperately patriarchal sub-culture.
  • Here’s a post I agree with, which was published today and led me to see the Editor in action on a BBC religion and ethics discussion show. It was interesting viewing, and good to see the topics like access to emergency contraception, and the religious perspectives on the end times discussed by people from diverse backgrounds. This post is unfortunately let down by a comment that calls a single mum a ‘slut’.

2. Quiner’s Diner

All the way from the USA, this blog is devoted to conservative Christian ideals and the Republican party. The blog host, Tom, is an enthusiastic forced birth advocate and critic of Obama.

Good things about Quiner’s Diner:

  • This blog is not afraid to tackle criticism and, as far as I am aware, always publishes comments. In addition to this, they also provide thoughtful and sincere replies on the majority of occasions. This willingness to debate their ideas is commendable.
  • The combination of the religious and political focus is a nice one, and may encourage people to get more involved in politics.
  • Here is a post I agree with, opening a discussion about whether the new Noah film is worth going to see.

3. Askthebigot

The blog host, Bigot, was brought up for part of her childhood by her natural mother and her mother’s lesbian partner. From her declarations on the blog, it is clear that she loves them both, and also all her many gay friends, but believes that same sex marriage is morally wrong, and that people in same sex marriages should be denied employment by Christian organisations.

Good things about Askthebigot:

  • Much like the Editor at Catholic Truth, it is lovely to see a Christian women telling men what they should believe, and not adhering to severe interpretations of biblical guidelines, such as those in 1 Corinthians 14:34.
  • Bigot is always patient, kind and loving in her responses to any critical comments, which gives a sense of approachability for discussion. However, if you do visit, be aware that both her editor and her editor’s husband will jump in to attack you if they feel you’re not agreeing enough with the Bigot. Your comments may also be deleted if they judge them to be repetitive or difficult to refute.
  • Here’s a post I agree with, raising awareness about the horrors and frequency of human trafficking.

Thank you for joining me in this exercise in positive thinking. I hope I have inspired you to do the same, and particularly look forward to The Great Atheist John Zande’s upcoming post on the positive aspects of Silence of Mind, and to Ark’s post on the positive aspects of Unklee and/or William Lane Craig.