Monthly Archive: April, 2014

a rant about selling sex

Pinkagendist has done some posts that raise questions about our attitudes towards sex. In western societies, we have developed many key moral features from our dominant religion over the last couple of thousand years, so… Continue reading

what’s wrong with magic?

magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford English Dictionary) The Christian god God and his son Jesus, who is one being the god God, is reported to have… Continue reading

lurking 13: whose side are you on?

Some Christian bloggers say the weirdest things. So weird, it’s difficult to tell whether they’re arguing for or against their god God. Take this selection from the work of 6 days/6000 years/66 books:… Continue reading

a musical interlude to clear the air

After yesterday’s revolting find in the land of Christian bigots, I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth. What better way to refresh the senses than the Most Perfect Piece of Music… Continue reading

modern-day christian bigots

I have a bit of a problem with concentration and time these days. I don’t have much time, and when I do, I find it difficult to concentrate. I’m reading things quickly and… Continue reading

a post about morality for insanity

For the most part, people do not recognize that there are consequences for their actions. Instead, most people justify their actions and only alter their behavior when they think it will be beneficial… Continue reading

calling all historians

But let me ask you, and others who study or enjoy history the same question. Do you think people in history acted more nobly or morally than people today in any capacity? Or… Continue reading

the absolute morality judgement board

People recognize that *if* there is a right and wrong they want to live rightly. If there is a God who judges us then they want to know they acted rationally in light… Continue reading

Understanding America

Originally posted on notestoponder:
Every so often I play a little game called “try to understand America”. Not so much a game as my attempt to put headline American issues into perspective. The…

on being rude

I don’t doubt for one minute that I’m ruder than your average person in real life. However, in blogland, where I have the chance to analyse and digest comments before replying, I find… Continue reading