on vegetarian menus and a lack of sunshine


I’m sick of unimaginative chefs confusing vegetarianism with health food. Most people who don’t eat meat, don’t eat meat because they know it’s unjust to force a sentient being to live a life of suffering just to fill our stomachs with nutrients that could easily come from pain-free avenues. So when I go out to eat with my omnivore friends, I don’t want to see them eating a side of sweet potato chips and big chunks of filling bread with their dead animals, while I nibble on a variety of calorie-free lettuce leaves with a selection of steamed vegetables. I want just as much access to fried foods and I want a big portion of filling and nutritious beans, lentils or tofu to go with it. And I don’t want stinky goat’s cheese. Enough of the stinky goat’s cheese.

It’s spring. We haven’t seen the sun here in Edinburgh for close to a week. It’s been either foggy, dull-cloudy or drizzly for at least 7 days, maybe 70, feels like 700. And it’s been 20 degrees and sunny in London, while complete gloom with a high of 7 degrees has been bestowed on us. We’re only four hours away by train, so clearly this is not a natural phenomenon, but the work of the British government trying to sway the independence vote in September. Flexing their weather-control muscles to make us all miserable will not work!

Shame on the chefs and shame on the weather!