is christianity relevant?


Christian blogger PSPruett shed some light on the relevance of Christianity in a recent conversation she/he initiated about paedophiles. I thought it would be useful to share this point of view – food for thought.

I’m honestly curious about something. What should [a] church say to a pedophile that wants to join?

It’s relevant, because in theory they might say a similar thing to this person (the pedophile in my example). E.g., “You are welcome in our church if you are comfortable with our beliefs, but you will need to renounce your desires, seek never to exercise them, and not be permitted service in children’s ministry.” There are indeed those who are expected to suffer their proclivities — this is but one example. There is just disagreement over which ones qualify.

If such a person had committed a crime, then it’s certainly worthy to consider bringing in the authorities. But simply turning them away in favor of “professional” help seems to deny the role of the Church in bringing people to moral and spiritual healing, and affirms a secular view that holds the mind/body to be nothing more than an electro-chemical sack that simply needs to be fixed like a machine, which scientists are best equipped to do. If Christianity is irrelevant in these things, then it is irrelevant in general.

I don’t know about you, but I think the nail has been struck firmly on the head.