lurking 12: the good christian wife


There’s lots of online advice about how to be a good Christian wife. I’ve seen quite a few handy tips recently that I think would benefit a wider audience.

Insanitybytes gives her insanely romantic opinion on how a half-brained woman can have a fairy tale relationship worthy of a Disney movie if she behaves likes a proper Christian wife.

Any woman with half a brain who wishes to have a relationship with a man will learn how to submit. Not out of fear, not because it’s mandatory, not to subject themselves to tyrants, but because we know if you can sneak in under a man’s defense mechanism, he’ll rope the moon and the stars for you.

In conversation on a post informing us that the god God has a penis, nolaughingmattersministries explains how it’s possible to genuinely love someone as an equal while expecting them to submit as your underling.

I agree 100% that marriage is an equal partnership. The woman being submissive in the relationship doesn’t mean that she’s anything less than a 50% partner. She’s still an equal partner in the relationship. She’s just CHOOSING to submit to her husband’s authority.

If you have a husband that loves you like Christ loves the church, and he’s willing to give himself for you like Christ did the church, then you would never have to worry about your husband abusing his power or authority.

Finally, the crowning glory comes from the peacefulwife, who gives  54 of the “greatest ways to prevent becoming a controlling, disrespectful wife“. My personal favourites encourage women to doubt their own judgement and to isolate themselves from other men:

If your husband asks you to blatantly sin, then you will have to respectfully refuse to submit to him. But check out the post Spiritual Authority to be clear on what this means. Many wives assume things are sin that really aren’t, and resist their husbands’ leadership to the destruction of the marriage over things that are not sin.

Guard your heart and your marriage from other men. None of us are above adultery. Set up healthy boundaries to protect yourself and do not seek to be close friends with other men.

Realize that God can and will speak through your husband to you. Be accepting and prayerful about correction. (Unless he is asking you to blatantly sin or condone sin or there are extremely major issues and your husband is not in his right mind – uncontrolled mental health problems, addictions, infidelity, severe sin issues, etc.) Prayerfully consider your husband’s comments and ask God to help you see what is true and what He might want you to work on.

I’m sure everyone will agree this has been a thoroughly educational exercise on how to demean, disempower and devalue women through religious indoctrination, leaving them vulnerable to manipulative, controlling and abusive relationships.