how to deal with sinful urges – tips and hints for christians


We all admit that we sometimes feel the urge to do things we suspect will not have completely positive outcomes. I feel for my Christian sisters and brothers and the challenges they face in this day and age, so I would like to help them with their sinful urges by making public some successful strategies I employ.

Let’s look at the famous biblical commandment “Do Not Kill”. I know it’s essentially immoral to consume the flesh of other sentient beings. However, when I’m hungry and I see a picture of a bacon sandwich, I get all sorts of unwelcome desires. Fortunately, I am able to hold these animal urges at bay with a number of instant logic strategies.

  • Observation and science tell me that animals feel pain and suffer from stress.
  • Empathy tells me I don’t want my animal friends to suffer.
  • Science tells me my nutritional needs can be harmlessly met elsewhere.
  • Experience tells me that once I’ve had something plant-based to eat and I’m no longer hungry, when I look at a picture of a bacon sandwich I just see the life of a dead pig (more intelligent than dogs) that has in all probability led an atrociously stressful and unpleasant life.

Just as important as the thoughts I have in this regard, are the thoughts I don’t have in this regard. Here are some things I don’t do when my natural animal instincts give me an inappropriate feeling:

  • I don’t feel disappointed with myself, or guilty or disgusted or ashamed.
  • I don’t check if my natural urges are in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ category in a book that’s over 1800 years old.
  • I don’t employ thought repression and open myself up to becoming inadvertently obsessed with bacon sandwiches.
  • I don’t pray to any invisible spirits to make the bacon sandwich desires leave my life.

In this type of situation, where my body wants one thing but my brain is saying something else, I remain aware of reality. I hope these strategies will prove of use to anyone else struggling with their animal urges.