on being rude


I don’t doubt for one minute that I’m ruder than your average person in real life. However, in blogland, where I have the chance to analyse and digest comments before replying, I find I’m usually able to softly temper my caustic edges and be polite to almost anyone.

On this blog, I post my opinions and I invite anyone who’s interested to comment. It’s useful and pleasant when people agree and offer up more information on the topic, but it can become really interesting when someone pipes up and disagrees. Because there are a lot of opinions and experiences in the world and I personally don’t think anyone is right or knows everthing. Not even me.

In the interests of keeping these posts open to comments from anyone dropping by who feels like they have an opinion, I thought it might be nice to try and avoid angry atheist pile-ons, embittered name-calling and cheeky taunting.

So I’d like to request that anyone reading the opinion of another person, or even having a long, frustrating conversation with someone they disagree with, or even just reading someone else’s long and frustrating conversation with someone else, refrain from calling the person they disagree with names like “dickhead” or “undereducated imbecile”.

I’d also like to request that people reading the opinion of another person of a religious persuasion refrain from taunting them about their clearly unfortunate and probably indoctrinated religion. It’s easy to make jokes about superstitious beliefs in invisible entities, but making them feel under attack isn’t conducive to productive dialogue.

Now, I hope I’m not being rude to anyone by requesting that people don’t be rude. I was very rude to someone yesterday because I’m lazy and don’t understand big words, so anything is possible.