modern-day christian bigots


I have a bit of a problem with concentration and time these days. I don’t have much time, and when I do, I find it difficult to concentrate. I’m reading things quickly and often picking up the wrong message.

Statisonline, a friend of the anti-gay marriage Christian crew, did a post today challenging people to question their understanding of the anti-gay Christian crew:

Every now and again, you hear the argument that Christians in the past were wrong about whether inter-racial marriage was sinful, and the suggestion that likewise, contemporary Christians are wrong about gay marriage being sinful. And certainly there have been Christians who have claimed that inter-racial marriage is sinful. But was the broad American opposition in past centuries to inter-racial marriage, based purely on the Bible, or was it more of a cultural policy?

I don’t know much about the history of opposition to inter-racial marriage, so I did a quick google. I found something I wasn’t expecting. I found what appears to be a modern-day Christian arguing that inter-racial marriage is immoral.

Egalitarian propaganda has so efficaciously transformed our minds in the last several decades that even the slightest resistance to it – even a father’s stating a mere preference against it – is deemed the unforgivable sin. But given the historical Christian witness against miscegenation, this Pavlovian moral indignation deserves a new assessment. It deserves an assessment which vindicates the historical Christian belief on these matters, showing how intertwined an anti-miscegenist and anti-racial egalitarian outlook is with the rest of Christian and biblical morality. (

Did I read this too quickly? Surely I’m picking up the wrong message. The website strapline reads ‘Occidental Christianity for Preserving Western Culture and People’. I went to check out the ‘Authors’ page on this website, a long list of Christians from all over the world. Here are the first two:

Adi is a Calvinist Boer/Afrikaner of Dutch, German and French Huguenot ancestry currently pursuing a PhD in Theology. He comes from a politically active family background as his grandfather served as a member of parliament for many years in the previous National Party government in South Africa.

Angus McClure is a Southern Presbyterian (in the most paleo sense), and enjoys living in the Hill Country of Texas with his family. He works in corporate sales for a profession, but enjoys getting back to the “old ways” by raising chickens. Angus is a lover of Texas and Southern heritage.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything modern-day Christian bigots have to throw at the world, you get a curve ball like this.