lurking 13: whose side are you on?


Some Christian bloggers say the weirdest things. So weird, it’s difficult to tell whether they’re arguing for or against their god God. Take this selection from the work of 6 days/6000 years/66 books:

The story of Noah who built the ark to save his family from the flood is a proof that every single family matters to God.

That’s got to be sarcasm: every single family matters except for the millions that were drowned. In truth, one family mattered to the god God in this story of the global genocide of every other family in existence.

The flood was God’s judgement on sinful people, but He saved one family, instead of destroying them with the rest.

The rest were a mistake best slaughtered. A mistake made by an omnipotent, omniscient, perfect being. So, even though the god God made the big mistake in his imperfect creation, and in the full knowledge it was coming, it makes sense that everyone would deserve to be destroyed in his righteous judgement. It was their fault.

There was nothing to prevent God from destroying all people and creating humans afresh (it is interesting that God never added any new kinds of life after the six days of creation).

What an interesting point! Having made this colossal mistake in creating humans he was so disgusted with he wanted to kill them all and could only find one worth saving, the god God bumbled on by letting more disappointing, worthless and badly behaved humans breed and live more disgustingly sinful lifestyles, just to make himself more disappointed, angry and sad. Any superbeing with half a brain would have scrapped the prototype and built an improved version.

Seriously, I’ve lost all respect for this god God: not a smart inventor, not a nice inventor and, just possibly, not a real inventor.