what’s wrong with magic?


magic: The power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. (Oxford English Dictionary)

The Christian god God and his son Jesus, who is one being the god God, is reported to have performed many acts of magic in the Bible. The god God parted the Red Sea using mysterious or supernatural forces (magic), he killed all the firstborns in Egypt using mysterious or supernatural forces (magic), he kept Jonah alive in a whale’s belly using mysterious or supernatural forces and he raised his son Jesus and himself from the dead using mysterious or supernatural forces (magic).

There are too many incidents to mention in the Bible where the god God or his son Jesus, who is one being with the god God, used mysterious or supernatural forces to influence events (magic). In fact, the very existence of the god God and his human son Jesus being one being with a third Holy Spirit entity does seem to indicate the influence of a mysterious or supernatural force (magic).

And yet, in spite of these charmingly and mysteriously magic events, some Christians object to the use of the innocuous, perhaps even flattering, term ‘magic’. My best blogging apologist pal Fide, has dedicated a whole post to this perceived inaccuracy and insult.

I personally don’t get his point, but to make the playing field even, I’ve agreed to accept that the universe came into existence through magic, and that my mind works by magic. Because, while he’s confident that the mysterious and supernatural force of his god God is the explanation, I’m happy to call the force simply ‘mysterious’ until humans get to the point where we can explain these things in full. And if that’s magic, it makes it sound all the more exciting!