Monthly Archive: May, 2014

censorship – is Luther worthy of love?

I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about censorship in the land of blogging, and I’m not entirely sure why. I even feel a bit prickly about comment policies and… Continue reading

questions and answers: is the bible sexist?

Q: Is the Bible aimed only at men? A: No, Christians believe the Bible is a holy text of guidance, rules and moral instruction aimed at the whole of humanity. Q: What percentage… Continue reading

my troll strategy

Trolls can be a fun feature of blogging: an anonymous voice of nonsense can certainly brighten up the conversation and bring a freshly odd perspective. They can be like little enthusiastic puppies bouncing… Continue reading

how to justify embarrassing bible verses – part 3

So, why did the Bible use submission for women only? It didn’t. If one reads closely it says two things that we’ve entirely ignored. First, it commands husbands to love their wives as… Continue reading

comments of the month

Given that I have nothing of any interest to say these days, I thought it would be nice to share three of my favourite comments from this month. (They’re all actually from today, but it didn’t… Continue reading

how do you know you’re going to heaven?

Our friends at Grace Church have an application form for people who want to become members. One of the questions on the application form is quite intriguing: How do you know you are… Continue reading

why did people stop listening to the god God?

“Why did people stop listening to God?” asks Rebecca LuElla Miller. I have a few obvious answers that immediately spring to mind. But imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the comments… Continue reading

the bechdel test

I’m afraid I’m at a stage in life where one of the most satisfying parts of the day is when my 2-year-old finally falls asleep and my partner and I can collapse on… Continue reading

why are you a christian?

My former best blogging buddy Ark did a post entitled Why are you a Christian?, which elicited some interesting responses. I particularly liked Notestoponder’s comment: People are Christian for the same reason they’re… Continue reading