why are you a christian?


My former best blogging buddy Ark did a post entitled Why are you a Christian?, which elicited some interesting responses. I particularly liked Notestoponder’s comment:

People are Christian for the same reason they’re Hindu or Muslim – they were born into it or a major tragedy/shady lifestyle was catalyst for conversion … Blind faith is a whole lot easier than free thinking independence. Christianity serves a purpose in that it makes life simple for those afraid of the unknown. Christianity negates the need for questions, doubt or disapproval. Putting lives in the hands of God relieves the pressure of figuring it out yourself.

But generally, I think people are Christians because, for them, it’s the truth. And in that respect, I think it’s very similar to atheism.

What do you think? Ark wants more input from anyone who missed it first time round because he’s still intrigued about the lure of Christianity. I’d say he’s ripe for conversion.