why did people stop listening to the god God?


“Why did people stop listening to God?” asks Rebecca LuElla Miller. I have a few obvious answers that immediately spring to mind. But imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to the comments section and read this:

And concerning your closing question, one would have to ask Eve “Why?” But we know why, so we don’t have to ask her. She got tricked, and fell for it. So, in turn, one can back up what Jesus said in John 3:19 to include Eve. What she did was evil by not believing God over Satan, so Jesus is including her. A bummer for all of us.

This shocked me. I’ve heard of Eve-blaming, and the effect this has on the treatment on women by some sectors in Christianity, but I’ve never read the frank opinion of a real believer.

Let’s break the story down and analyse where to pin the blame:

  • Eve got the idea directly from an evil, supernatural trickster that the god God allowed in the garden, therefore women are easily persuaded by talking snakes.
  • Adam acted based on hearsay, therefore men commit crimes that affect everyone based on poor judgement and little evidence.

Now we know who’s to blame, let’s look at what this story tells us about the god God:

  • The god God created Adam and Eve knowing they were both going to act as they acted, therefore he couldn’t have been that bothered.
  • The god God punished Adam and Eve for doing what he created them to do, knowing they were going to do it, therefore he’s either insanely irrational, or the story isn’t true and he doesn’t exist.

So, returning to the original question, Why did people stop listening to God?, according to my scientific analysis there are only two possible answers:

  • The god God is insanely irrational and not worth listening to.
  • The god God doesn’t actually exist and has never actually said anything, in spite of all the chillingly charming stories in the Bible that tell us otherwise.

I’m thinking option 2 probably just pips it to the post.