my troll strategy


Trolls can be a fun feature of blogging: an anonymous voice of nonsense can certainly brighten up the conversation and bring a freshly odd perspective. They can be like little enthusiastic puppies bouncing around a post looking for someone to give them attention. And sometimes it’s fun to give them the attention they crave and see where the nonsense ramble spirals off to.

However, like any excitable puppy looking for attention, sometimes it can go too far. Sometimes the troll wants to push the boundaries of their ‘humour’ beyond the silly entertaining and into the silly unpleasant. So before you scratch the ears of any little troll puppies bouncing around any blogs you happen to read, here are three pieces of advice you might want to consider:

  1. Always remember they’re trolls, and not someone with whom you can have a serious conversation.
  2. Don’t feed trolls if you don’t want to get troll poo on your feet (they eat and poo, like geese).
  3. If they start getting out of order, point to a shiny object and run away.

Thankfully I don’t know of any trolls that frequent my blog, but I just thought it would be nice to share my strategy should any happen to crop up.