lurking 14: the end of the world


I’m not back to blogging, but I do enjoy the occasional lurk. And today this little gem from No Laughing Ministries caught my eye, because nothing sparks my interest more than a little speculation about THE END OF THE WORLD.

Right now we are seeing the conflict between the Israel & the Palestinians escalate once again. Not a lot of people realize that the number one reason they’re fighting each other is not necessarily for “Palestinian statehood,” even though the media would have you believe that’s what it’s all about it! It’s for control of Jerusalem! In particularly the Temple mount area, which is where the original and 2nd Jewish temple stood, and where currently the Dome of the Rock, which is Islam’s 3rd holiest site, stands today. Both sides, ultimately, are fighting for control of the Temple Mount area.

Pope Abbas PeresIn a previous blog I wrote about the Abomination at the Vatican, I reported how Pope Francis, along with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli President Shimon Peres, essentially did a dry run of the abomination in a joint prayer service, praying for peace in the Middle East.

The prophetic puzzle pieces are coming together. You have got a group in Israel trying to rebuild the Third Temple. Israel & Palestinians are fighting once again. And the Pope & other world leaders are working hard to bring peace between Jews & Muslims. Once that peace is achieved, then work on the Temple’s construction can begin. Once completed the anti-Christ will be able to walk in & declare himself God/Messiah, and demand to be worshiped.

The-End-is-Near-2All of this is pointing to one event that’s about ready to take place: Jesus Christ is returning for His church!

Will somebody tell these people that Christianity has been plagued by this time-wasting, macabre desire since it’s inception? Oh, that’s right, John Zande already did so in his superb post Death Cult Christianity.

All told, in the last fifty-six generations (1,700 years) there have been more than three-hundred prominent captains of Christianity who have announced with excited yips of childlike anticipation that their god was about to lay waste to all life on earth. In this generation alone there have been over forty major public incidents where socially-reckless, apocalypse-hungry Christian leaders have proclaimed that their god was here and it was time to die… and when the captains speak easily persuadable, astoundingly gullible congregants regretfully listen. Today a staggering 41% of US citizens (130,000,000 adults) believe that their Middle Eastern god will commence its mass extinction of all creatures in their lifetime.

Death cult Christians – get a grip! Stop this embarrassing and self-engrossed obsessional interest in you getting to experience a so-called second coming. At the very least, if you insist on being irrational, pay attention to the words repeated throughout the Bible, like in 2 Peter 3:10:

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night.

Give your god some credit, the clearer it seems to you, the less likely it is to happen. Go do something interesting with your time, like asking Israelis to stop thinking it’s okay to kill children and pummel a desperate territory of oppressed people into rubble with multi-million pound killing machines, and telling Hamas that their tactics are doing their people no good. This is what happens when we let men rule the world.