what’s wrong with men?

As a pregnant woman, I was horrified to read a recent post by Prayson Daniel, entitled “What is Wrong with Abortion?”. Nothing could get my chemicals in a furious spin quite like a post by a man, full of comments by men, arguing about something they can never experience and never understand. We can thank men for the vast majority of the most unethical acts of violence, genocide and destruction against living, breathing independent human beings that we see in the world today, and that have occurred throughout the history of humankind. Let’s allow them space to argue for an end to the needless deaths their fellow men cause around the world in the name of power, money, religion and fear. Let’s leave it to us women to decide as individuals if we have the necessary mental and material resources to continue with pregnancies we may or may not have chosen to initiate, without being burdened by the opinions of clueless people going through the mechanical motion of reducing these decisions to a mathematical puzzle with a correct answer. Until you have lived the full life of every woman who makes a decision to terminate a pregnancy, your dry reasoning based on set piece arguments is absolutely meaningless.

So, what’s wrong with men like this? They’re arrogant. They think they know everything. They’re used to power. They think they deserve to control everything. Men, on this, and many other topics, you know virtually nothing.