facing reality


Insanitybytes gives some food for thought when she challenges our perceptions of reality in her latest post. I think she’s correct to state that “in an instant, your entire perception of reality can change”. Our experiences are limited, our understanding is flawed and our brains are fragile and poorly understood organs. Nevertheless, I would struggle to ever come to the conclusion that as a result of all this we should “put our faith in Someone much higher than ourselves”.

The aptly named Insanity suggests that as a result of our limited understanding, it makes sense to structure our lives around belief in the most popular religion of our culture, which thanks an invisible super-being for everything ‘good’ and blames us humans for everything ‘bad’.

So, the question remains, in the face of accepting that our perceptions of reality can shift so easily, why on earth would it make sense to base our core world view around something we can’t see but can only imagine? The answer is obvious – we can control our perceptions of any imaginary friend/god and make this perfect being stay stable in whatever imagined ‘reality’ we create for it.

I now understand one of the huge attractions of these invisible deities. In a world of disappointment, confusion and change, the invisible deities created by humans provide a much needed sense of stability, protection and, most importantly, reliability.