wonky world views


My best blogging buddy, Insanitybytes, always manages to throw a post together to get me thinking. In her recent post, Under God, Own It, she tells us “that God wants America to remember who and what she is, one nation under God”. That got me thinking that Isis similarly believe that their god wants one nation under their god. She didn’t agree with the comparison.

But speaking of wonky and potentially frightening world views, a few of her readers gave some insightful comments into how a Christian American might view their country and their religion.

  • The religion that led the way in women’s rights and the abolition of slavery, through the Republican party.

America is one of the few countries that was founded as a nation under God and which continues to provide freedom for people from all walks of life. It was founded under Christian values, and yet no one is or ever has been forced to become a Christian to immigrate or stay in America. Christians who founded the Republican party put an end to slavery, and then paved the way for a woman’s right to vote and work.

  • A country with an invisible super-deity governing over all.

A Theocracy is built with God at the top of the Pyramid with the People at the Bottom. All other Socialist governing paradigms are built with The State resting at the Top of the Pyramid with the people at the bottom.

So… do you find it equally offensive when The State occupies the top of the Pyramid?

  • A country created by the god God, not a country created by people who happened to believe in a god called God (subtle distinction, I know).

But for people to deny the hand of God in the creating of America, now that is ‘frightening.’ One only needs to see what is scribed in the halls of our great buildings and monuments.

Look at he who holds the tablets of stone in the great halls of courts. The law of Moses alone for goodness sake is the bedrock upon which all sane societies build a worthy governance..

They who disagree point to Allah, Mohammed or Vishnu, etc, claiming these gods are equal to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but it is more of an excuse. Truth is difficult to stare in the eye.

As long as there are people in the U.S. who bless His name, support Israel, recognize how we have fallen, there is always hope.

So, let’s all close our eyes and imagine there’s a whole rest of the world out there. And in that whole rest of the world, lots of people believe in lots of invisible spirits and gods, lots have written down words they think were inspired by these many invisible entities. And chances are that NONE of them exist. Let’s forget why and how our political territories were founded by people living in times of superstitious ignorance, and focus on what we can practically do to improve human society – based on facts and evidence.