Monthly Archive: October, 2014

no such thing as deconversion

There is no such thing as “deconversion” from life in Christ my dear lady. The gospel is not a package of propositions the acquiescence to which makes one a Christian. It is a… Continue reading

christians face the genocidal tendencies of their loving god God

God has never pronounced judgement on an innocent person in all of history. These were debauched, bloodthirsty, idolatrous pagan nations with whom He had withheld His wrath for a long time. Even His… Continue reading

the snarling and fanged beast

I read a post earlier today that has had a big impact on my understanding of the struggle that heterosexual men face in everyday life. I’m ashamed to admit that until I read Watch… Continue reading

the fine line in intolerant extremism

It’s interesting to note the fine line that exists between the ranting extremists on two sides of the same fence. Take the ranty, irrational Christian versus the ranty, irrational atheist. There’s not much… Continue reading

my favourite exchange of the month

Sometimes, on the lurk round other blogs, one stumbles across gem-like interactions between fellow bloggers in the comments section. Two of my very favourite bloggers had something very cool to say to each… Continue reading

agreeing to disagree

The best thing about blogging is discussing ideas with people who have totally different life experiences. Especially in the area of religion, where I’m more likely to frequent, there are lots of points… Continue reading

poll: is theism or atheism natural?

I don’t want everyone jumping to instant conclusions on this one: 99% of atheists will predictably tell me that atheism is natural because no child is born following a religion but that every… Continue reading

step by step christianity

In order to assist my Christian friends bring more faithful to fold, I thought it would be nice to boil Christianity down to it’s purest, simplest form so that any passers-by who aren’t… Continue reading

lurking 15: the argument against marriage

I’m reliably informed that from the age of 4, I wanted to get married to a succession of cute boys and have around 99 children. I considered each one in turn to be… Continue reading

god loves everyone*

There are of course many millions of Christians in India and China. God is able to make Himself known to anyone, but usually does so through the agency of Christians. The ‘inner voice’,… Continue reading