evidence for the existence of invisible things that leave no physical trace


Logically and scientifically speaking it takes as much evidence to prove there is no god than that there is one.

On a short lurk today, I stumbled across this sentence in the comments section of a post. This is the kind of thing Christians and other religious types to say to each other and mindlessly agree, in an effort to feel comforted about their faith in the existence of invisible, untouchable, uncommunicative creator entities.

EVIDENCE: The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid (Oxford English Dictionary)

evidence to prove the existence of god(s)

  • there’s a book written by a collection of men that claims to have been inspired by an invisible god (there are lots of writings over the history of mankind that people claim were inspired by an invisible god or two)
  • some people think they can hear the invisible god speaking to them (some people think they can hear dead relatives/Elvis/other gods speaking to them)
  • some people think they can feel a change in their lives when they believe in invisible gods (some people feel a change in their lives when they believe they have been kidnapped by aliens or when they follow an internet guru)

So, as you can see, all the evidence for the existence of a god is part of a pattern of human delusion. Some delusions are more popular and appealing than others, but they are delusions nonetheless.

evidence against the existence of god(s)

  • they cannot be seen, heard, touched or otherwise physically located
  • every culture and society in the world has imaged invisible entities, it’s impossible they all exist, and there is clearly an underlying human psychological need to invent a comfort framework
  • they have never intervened in the world to suggest they exist – all the alleged interventions can and have been explained in terms of natural and physical occurances


Logically and scientifically speaking, there is no evidence for the existence of any god. That doesn’t prove that a god doesn’t exist, but it also doesn’t prove that invisible fairies that don’t interfere in our physical reality don’t exist, or that there aren’t aliens living in the brickwork of all our houses, or that there isn’t a parallel ghost world inhabiting our space and sending invisible signals to us. I personally am unable to prove, and to an equal extent for every similar proposition, that any invisible thing that doesn’t affect anything in this physical world doesn’t exist.

So, rejoice my Christian friends that your god under any kind of scrutiny is highly unlikely to exist, but, like the fairies and ghosts, has every right to be an extremely unlikely possibility.