being sane is over-rated


In my last post, I pondered the evidence for and against the existence of any of the many gods that humans have believed in down through the ages. In the discussion that followed, I suggested that people who hear the voices of gods could submit their evidence to a YouTube channel, so that the general public could evaluate which gods are likely to be true, and which gods are likely to be delusions.

My best Christian blogging buddy, Insanitybytes, didn’t like the idea of giving her evidence via video, but she was kind enough to provide in written text her rather poetic proof (or should that be delusional evidence?) for the existence of her god, the Christian god God:

God speaks to me, Violet. He speaks to me with the lyrics of love songs gently whispered in my ear. He paints me the most beautiful sunrises, pinks and oranges that dance off the water. Sometimes he bathes me in soft and liquid moonlight.  He sings to me with the breeze in the trees and the softly falling rain.

Sometimes I can see Him knocking at the door of people’s lives and His footprint on those who have healed from great atrocities. God is an artist, like a potter and we are the clay. In Japan there’s an art form called Kintsugi, where pottery is broken and fused back together with gold, spider webbing all over the piece, always creating something far more beautiful then the original. God is like a Kintsugi artist, often breaking our hearts so they can be transformed into something even more beautiful.

God is like a love story, the most beautiful love story ever and we are the object of His affection. He speaks to me constantly, in bits of scripture, in His Still Quiet Voice, in the mystery and magic and wonder of the universe. A few times He has spoken to me in ways you would probably dismiss as non-supernatural psychological phenomenon.

If this is what it means to be delusional, then fear not. This is about being wonderfully and fearfully made, about being gloriously in love with all of creation and our Creator, and being completely bedazzled with the wonder of it all. God speaks to me in the synchronicity, in the music, the math, the interconnectedness of us all. Ah Violet, if this is insanity, being sane is highly over rated.

Says it all, really.