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Although most people are religious, there are hundreds of millions of religious disbelievers in the world. What is religious disbelief and how does it arise?

Consoledreader recommended The Origins of Religious Disbelief to a very naive thinker on my last post. I clicked on the link and read the first page. It looked interesting, but my attention span doesn’t go much beyond 300 words these days. Anyway, I do like the idea of the article and thought that other readers might find it particularly interesting. I notice among my atheist blogging buddies that there is a tendency to pretend that we are the default ‘normal’ state of belief for humans, when the entire history of the human race tells us otherwise. Theism is a natural consequence of the organisation of our fearful superstitions. Doesn’t make it anything other than an evolutionary trait, but it’s tedious to pretend humans are generally born without this tendency. I suspect this article will clear things up nicely and hope to get round to reading it in its entirety when the fog has lifted.