god loves everyone*


There are of course many millions of Christians in India and China. God is able to make Himself known to anyone, but usually does so through the agency of Christians. The ‘inner voice’, on its own, could come from anywhere (or be generated by our own subconscious); it has to have a context in order to be recognised for what it is. (comment by Deborah)

Christians have a bit of explaining to do when it comes to justifying how the benevolent creator of our universe seems to enjoy a certain brand of partial favouritism when it comes to which ethnic groups or nations of his creation he wishes to shine his benevolent light on.

  • The god God only bothered making himself known to a tiny tribe of Middle Eastern people for most of the history of mankind (even according to creationist calculations). The Jews received all his love, rage and jealous protection while the rest of humanity basked neglected in sinful ignorance.
  • When the god God made his new covenant with mankind by killing himself in the form of his son (we’ll skip over how logical this action would be), Christians believe he had finally decided to spread his love to the whole world, by word of mouth. So, if you don’t happen to meet another Christian in your lifetime, or have a Bible fall in your lap, as has happened to countless billions of people over the last two millennia, you still have no chance of knowing the creator of all.
  • Christians have attempted to remedy this situation by sending their representatives around the world to sell their religion to the unknowing, bringing many gifts such as education (indoctrination), healthcare (invoking gratitude) and food (full tummies are keen to listen). We won’t mention the other ‘gifts’ of disease, torture and slaughter (submission by terror).
  • Thus shoring up their numbers, they can count, for instance, millions of Latin Americans among their numbers as devout Catholics who don’t know whether to pray to Jesus or Gauchito Gil, celebrate All Saints day or El Dia del Muerte, or whether to go to confession or sacrifice a chicken. No Christian practices ‘pure’ Christianity (what would that be??) but rest assured the majority of the faithful have blended bizarre local superstitions with what they hear about the Christian god God in an attempt to receive the release from fear that any old religion can provide.
  • When all the figures are in, today if you live in the USA you have a 76% chance of being a Christian, and if you live in China or India you have a 2% chance of being a Christian. The god God has extended his generous benevolence to the whole of mankind, but to the Christian mind it seems he still must have a strong preference for certain ethnic groups and nations.

God loves everyone*

*but mainly if you’re born in the right country