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Sometimes, on the lurk round other blogs, one stumbles across gem-like interactions between fellow bloggers in the comments section. Two of my very favourite bloggers had something very cool to say to each other in the exchange below that under ordinary circumstances would be worth republishing, but given the personalities of the two bloggers (if you’re lucky enough to know them), makes the exchange unmissable! I hope you can all enjoy this as much as I did, from Silenceofmind‘s most recent post lambasting atheist immorality and wheeling out the unsuspecting Christian Hitler as evidence:


Good post Silence. Atheism is immoral simply because even if God were not real, the placebo affect alone would have great value to society. Telling people that they shouldn’t believe in God or that God isn’t real is a bit like telling a cancer patient that the placebo drug that is curing them is wrong to take because it isn’t “real”. If it’s healing them, then who cares if it’s just a placebo? Science has finally caught on to the fact that placebos sometimes work, so to step in at that point in self righteous indignation, would be immoral.

God is very real and quite wonderful, too. But even if you did not know that, the benefits to a society that come from believing in things like Divine love, justice, and accountability, are so huge, that the only moral thing to do would be to keep your mouth shut. Therefore, atheists are immoral because they put their own prideful selves before the needs of individuals and the common good.

  • Insanity,

    I always enjoy, and greatly benefit from, your fresh take on things.

    I’m just a nuts and bolts guy who deals in simple principles, but you are somehow able to weave those simple principles into quite a very beautiful tapestry that illustrates the complex ramifications of truth and falsehood.

Thankfully, Insanity is a happily married submissive Christian wife. Otherwise, I would be sensing romance in the air!

But, I digress. I just wondered how other atheists feel about the challenge to us to accept that belief in Christianity’s god God should be encouraged because even if it’s clearly not true, it’s hugely beneficial for society. Some more food for thought from the beautiful tapestry weaver, our dear friend Insanity.