the fine line in intolerant extremism


It’s interesting to note the fine line that exists between the ranting extremists on two sides of the same fence. Take the ranty, irrational Christian versus the ranty, irrational atheist. There’s not much in it. Both grasp for a negative image of the general outlook they abhor and apply a broad brush stroke that doesn’t reflect majority views, or quite often, even reality. I present two illuminating quotes from two eccentric yet opposing blogland voices of extreme intolerance. [names withheld pending fun guessing game]

The Atheist Intolerant Extremist

While some prefer the Cotton Wool approach, or to gently chide such folk for being a tad naughty, even while young girls are having their clitoris removed because of religious reasons, or people are being decapitated for religious reasons or stoned or myriad socially unacceptable actions based solely on religion – and getting away with it – then I prefer to call a spade a shovel, and a good old rant.
What can I say? They are dickheads.

The Christian Intolerant Extremist

The atheist regime in the Soviet Union slaughtered 6 million of its own people by starving them to death. Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews from all over Europe. Clearly, atheist “morality” leaves much to be desired, namely reason, logic and compassion, the very attributes that atheists claim to champion

Consequently, the atheist himself proves that atheism cannot be moral. The atheist simply imitates those Christian values he favors and discards those he doesn’t.