no such thing as deconversion


There is no such thing as “deconversion” from life in Christ my dear lady. The gospel is not a package of propositions the acquiescence to which makes one a Christian. It is a supernatural individual resurrection of a soul dead in sin to the true and eternal life of God Himself. Whatever you were “deconverted” from, it was not that. Do what you want. Believe what you want, but you are living a lie. A sort of spiritual epoxy if you will. The false religion you believed before being like the resin and this present desperate belief system being like the hardener. The two together comprising a rather masterful deception which is yielding Satan’s desired result. Tiribulus aka Greg

I love this particular belief held by the majority of Christians. It seems to them that if an atheist claims to have been religious in former times, there was clearly something ‘wrong’ about their belief. Because no-one could love and communicate with the good Christian god God and his son Jesus, only to realise the whole thing is nonsense. Unfortunately for many of us atheists, we too once had the firmly held belief that we had a special relationship with the creator of all things – that he knew every hair on our head, guided our every action and was watching our every move with his benevolent gaze.

But fortunately for all of us atheists, we have somehow managed to either avoid indoctrination altogether through a fortunate upbringing, or escape the sticky claws of indoctrination through chance encounters that enabled us to question and investigate our faith in the invisible deity we loved so dearly.

I breathe a long sigh of relief that I no longer have to worry about why I haven’t given up all my possessions to follow Jesus; I no longer have to fret in the corner of my mind about why billions of human beings were created only to suffer eternally for never having had the opportunity to hear about Christianity; I no longer have to panic about fleeting sexual thoughts sparked off by my natural animal chemical reactions with other human beings; and I no longer have to stress about the horrifically poor treatment of women in the what is supposed to be the Word of my benevolent god.

There’s no such thing as deconversion. Certainly. In the same way as there’s no such thing as conversion. There’s programming, indoctrination, superstition and desperation. But in the superstitious, desperate indoctrinated corners of every believer’s mind, there’s the knowledge that none of it really makes sense. The question is, how much devastation to your world view can you take in this short life?