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Test your knowledge of the Gospels!

Originally posted on Christianity Simplified:
A simple test about the Gospels that might really get you thinking!  Give it a try!

the journey from theism to atheism

I am an ex-atheist, I have a working memory of what drove me there. anaivethinker I was brought up in a very religious household. Although I must admit the variety of Christianity was… Continue reading

complementary comments of the month

Two comments in the last few days have stood out for me. And they go together so beautifully, I can’t help but bring them together for the viewing and pondering pleasure of the… Continue reading

Is Scandinavia really better than the United States?

Originally posted on A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion:
By Tom Quiner One of this blog’s socialist readers recently waxed eloquent about the economic virtue of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland,…

a post about nazareth

Nazareth is not mentioned in any pre-Christian literature at all. Not a hint, not a whisper. Jesus of Where? by L’Ark One of my oddest experiences was a visit to the church in… Continue reading

obvious falsehoods – an appeal to Christians

One advantage of believing obvious falsehoods is that one is not tempted to imagine one could know the Truth. Clare Flourish Most Christian denominations seem to think they know the Truth about what… Continue reading

a whiff of truth

Often the behavior of atheists mimics the behavior of the most obnoxious extremist Christian. Being around atheists is a bit like being in a Christian cult, just without even the benefit of the… Continue reading

misleading discussions about generic gender roles

There is a war on women being waged right now. It seeks to erase who we are as women, to replace our value as wives and mothers, with our ability to pursue wealth… Continue reading

christians face the genocidal tendencies of their loving god God part 2

I really don’t expect you to understand. You want to elevate yourself to God’s perspective. We are His creation, not His equal. If you were a potter and you shattered a pot you… Continue reading