a whiff of truth


Often the behavior of atheists mimics the behavior of the most obnoxious extremist Christian. Being around atheists is a bit like being in a Christian cult, just without even the benefit of the familiar rituals or the beautiful music. When atheists leave Christianity, they tend to take all the bad stuff with them and leave behind the good.

Judgmental? Check.
Prone to mock the less fortunate? Check.
Convinced of their vast moral superiority? Check
Elitist and privileged? Check.
Ruled by hyperbole and knee jerk emotionalism? Check
Prone to be abusive and controlling? Check.

If you guys are going to act like the most extreme fundamentalist Christian, the least you could do is get yourselves some music. (Insanitybytes)

You’ve got to hand it to Insanitybytes – she’s a snappy writer and she comes up with the most unusual thoughts that often have just an unexpected whiff of truth to them.

On the other side of the argument, I read an impressive post this morning about the psychological abuse that is religion, detailing the catalogue of horrors that befalls the brain indoctrinated into Christianity.

Like many other atheists blogging here, I was brought up in a religious household and went through a rather difficult and long deconversion process to get me where I am today. However, while I love to tear apart every harmful Christian argument I come across here in Blogland, I try my best to avoid the common pitfall that all Christians are preaching pure evil and are deserving of utter disdain.

To be fair, Christian adults are as much victims of indoctrination as every child currently going through the process. Unleashing fury at them, judging them, calling them abusers and mocking them does little to demonstrate to them that the unbeliever’s life without the influence of a god is actually surprisingly, pleasantly nice.

Levels of true abuse both outwith and within religious institutions are strikingly similar – people are mistreated in all walks of life. Sure, it’s disturbing that there’s a ‘holy’ handbook readily available to support Christians who choose to oppress women, beat children, keep slaves or stone homosexuals, but most Christians living in today’s society have managed to use common sense to help them cherry pick round the morally inconvenient passages in the Bible and live by the ethical standards of modern society like anyone else.

When we take the long view on the development of our species, we’re only just at the point where a minority of us have been able to finally steer away from the traditional superstitious beliefs of our cultures. Religion is a huge part of our heritage: the religions of our cultures around the world, even for atheists, obviously still continue to have a lingering influence on how we live and what we are. We do our species a disservice when we dismiss a key feature of our evolutionary development so lightly and treat the vast majority of the population of the world as fools for continuing to do what humans have always done.

And now I’ve stated this, I just need to get my head round the fact that so many people still believe invisible superbeings actually exist. Come on people, it’s 2014!

Sidenote to Insanitybytes – I haven’t experienced beautiful music in any church I’ve visited.