how to tell what the god god wants


sometimes God uses judgment to bring His people back and there have always been periods of renewal throughout history. With you, I pray that for a revival. Absent something like that, Gay marriage will be a reality everywhere, even in Texas. It is just a matter of time. (Jim on InsanityBytes)

I simply adore lurking around the odd conversations over at my best blogging buddy’s rabbit hole. The excerpt above gives a glimpse into the mind of a certain type of Christian, whose beliefs could be more helpfully expressed by:

1. I believe that an invisible creator deity shows his displeasure with his sentient creation by sending them death and /or destruction in the form of natural disasters and / or war.

2. I hope that this invisible creator deity will do something nasty (presumably along the lines of a geologically explicable natural disaster or a politically explicable man-made war) to the people in my society.

3. If there is a naturally explicable show of death or destruction in the USA, it will be obvious to all society that an invisible creator deity is telling us that two mutually consenting adults aren’t allowed to marry unless their genitals are different.

4. If I don’t see a nasty sign from my benevolent god that satisfies my bonkers superstitious religious beliefs in the near future, it’s obvious that even in Texas, gay marriage will become legal.

Does anyone else feel that human brains are developing at a depressingly sluggish rate?