the god watching suffering question versus the yes-men for feminism


Every individual is a unique balance of attributes regardless of their gender. Some people are natural leaders and decision makers, some people prefer a more laid back approach to life, some people hate making decisions and some people love discussing things endlessly and making free-flowing group decisions – regardless of their gender.

Some Christians will tell you that men are better equipped to take the lead and make decisions. Because apparently their invisible deity had it written that way in their holy book, and this rule is backed up by what they think they observe in society.

In reality, it’s clear that men use their current position of dominance in society, their larger and stronger physical presence and their testosterone fueled arrogance, and unfortunately do (at this stage in the development of the human race) make a disproportionate number of decisions in society. But that’s not good enough for some Christians:

We as a society have moved away from the husband as the head of the home. In too many homes, the husband is either a yes-man for feminism or a patriarchal dictator. Neither of those represents the kind of marital partnership—with the husband as the head, loving his wife selflessly and the two of them entering into mutual submission even as she recognizes his responsibility as the head—which the Bible describes.

Let’s ponder this utopian vision for one second: “mutual submission even as she recognizes his responsibility as the head”. He’s the boss, he’s in charge, he’s the head … but he’s not a patriarchal dictator, because he loves selflessly and mutually submits (but is still the head). Anyone spotting a jitter on the nonsense-o-meter (NOM)?

Moving on from Becky‘s impossible vision for a happy marriage, we reach even more fertile NOM ground.

No surprise, then, that Christians haven’t learned to bow to the headship of Christ.

Instead we want to dictate to Him how things should be. God shouldn’t be wrathful. Everyone should go to heaven. Everybody who’s sick should be healed. In fact, why not do away with child abuse and sex trafficking and drug addiction and murder. And wars! Wars should have been dealt with a long time ago.

Let’s pause to consider what Becky is saying for just one second: imagine we believe in a perfect, wonderful, all-powerful fairy, called Fairy, living invisibly in the clouds watching our every move and able to do anything she pleased to help us. Would we be happy with her (or consider her perfect) if she sat watching child abuse and sex trafficking without intervening? Would we accept that she told us she is perfect, wonderful and all-powerful but all the suffering in the world is the fault of two people she created in a garden 6000 years ago? Or would we question if, given that we can’t see Fairy, the garden story makes no sense, and she’s doing NOTHING, that perhaps she might not be there?

The message here is clear. Men, if you would only bow to the headship of your wife in your marriage (while she protects you and somehow mutually submits from her position of Top Dog), you will understand that you need to bow to the headship of Fairy the fairy. And then, only then, will you understand why Fairy passively continues watching murder, torture, rape and child abuse on a daily basis, without intervening. Either that, or she doesn’t exist. Can’t quite make my mind up …