request for help with Matthew 24


I’ve been referred to Matthew 24 a couple of times in the last few weeks by Christians. In the first case, anaivethinker thought it proved that Jesus did something original, in predicting the destruction of the temple. On reading the chapter carefully, I thought it odd that anyone could imagine the verse related to the events of 70AD, given that the description given by the character Jesus is clearly part of the same discussion in the continuing passages, which Christians commonly interpret as relating to the hotly anticipated (for 2000 years now) End Times.

So, imagine my surprise when bornfromabove linked to his post on Matthew 24, and actually makes sense of the chapter.

The Greek word for “whole world” in Matt 24:14 is referring to the Roman world, it’s not referring to the planet, therefore Matt 24 isn’t talking about the end of the planet. […]

The gospel had to be preached to the Roman world as a whole before the end of the age.

After the gospel was preached to the Roman world, then the end of the age happened, the “tribulation” that is spoken of in Matthew 24:21 happened when Jerusalem was destroyed, Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD. The end of the age that is spoken of in Matthew 24:3, is the end of the age of the law, that age ended when the temple was destroyed in 70AD.

So, I was just wondering what any Christians from a more traditional background than bornfromabove would make of his interpretation. Reading Matthew 24 with an open mind, putting aside all the preconceived notions that come with it, doesn’t his interpretation make a lot more sense? Otherwise why would Jesus have said this?

Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.