rave reviews


Insanitybytes has a fantastic page on her blog called Rave Reviews. In this section, she shares some of the feedback she’s received from her other blogging fans. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • I hate you! I really hate you! You wither crops and shame our grandmothers

  • vulgar and deeply offensive words that show tragic brain damage

  • intentionally maligning people’s character day in and day out

At the suggestion of Roughseasinthemed, I thought it would be a nice exercise to display some of the interesting feedback I’ve received from my blogging fan base. Here’s a selection of the best I could find, with all credit to the special buddies who penned them.

  • VW, I guess you do not have the intellectual capacity to understand the subject matter (hewhoshallnotbenamed)

  • You’re a lazy dumb-shit (Adam Sweilem)

  • Typical of atheist women–having flown a few miles overhead, fly off the handle batshit wacko and cast meaningless irrational aspersions. … Feel free to carry on like a superficial catty 14 year old girl at your express whim (Paul)

  •  Sheesh, I had to read all this right to the end and not one picture of you without your kit on! Are you going to post a picture or what? (Arkenaten)

Feel free to add any more lyrical beauties to the collection! Also, I’d like to extend an invitation to you all to dig out your own personal blogging feedback gems and share it either here or on a special post of your own.

As always, thanks to Insanity for coming up with such a charming idea.