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violet’s bible study: god is love

God loves you Violet, and Archaeopteryx, and John Zande, and Arkenaten, and “bfa7″, and whoever else. On my life, I tell you, He loves us. truthisstrangerthanfiction I think a positive side to most versions… Continue reading

request for help with Matthew 24

I’ve been referred to Matthew 24 a couple of times in the last few weeks by Christians. In the first case, anaivethinker thought it proved that Jesus did something original, in predicting the destruction of… Continue reading

what’s the problem with objective morality?

If you’re going to continue insisting, “No, there IS no objective morality”, then you’re really only faced with one alternative. Whatever the majority believes at any given time, that is “morally right”. Period.… Continue reading

the god watching suffering question versus the yes-men for feminism

Every individual is a unique balance of attributes regardless of their gender. Some people are natural leaders and decision makers, some people prefer a more laid back approach to life, some people hate… Continue reading

tinkering with the god God’s perfect design

… if there is no belief that people have worth and value beyond the natural world, then there really is no sound moral argument to made for not tinkering with the design. In fact,… Continue reading

what can we learn from Solomon?

Solomon is one of the most impressive figures in the Bible, with power, wealth and wisdom outstripping all other Old Testament characters. Solomon had the honour of meeting the god God, chatting with… Continue reading

understanding atheism

It is hard for me understand a truly atheistic position. The theist and the Atheist both hold their positions as beliefs. One cannot prove, in the scientific sense that there is a god,… Continue reading

four phases of a trinity

Originally posted on violetwisp:
In response to a recent comment from a cheeky young scamp, I clarified that I am a complex person: a mother, a daughter and wholly spirited. Something about my…