Monthly Archive: April, 2015

and we’ve found a stoner

A challenge was set by Ain’t No Shrinking Violet to find a Christian with views more vile than the man who wanted to treat his woman like a cow/sex toy. Personally, I thought this… Continue reading

advice for young Christians on marriage

Many young Christians have the idealistic expectation of enjoying sex in one exclusive marriage of a lifetime. They hope that their god will provide the perfect spouse for their mutual sexual enjoyment. I’m concerned for a… Continue reading

possibly the worst post ever

When it comes to crazy posts from wayward Christians, I sometimes get complacent about just how bad it can get. And then I stumble across something like this: Christian Husbands – You don’t pay… Continue reading

a dawning realisation

Browsing round Christian blogs earlier today, I had the dawning realisation that many religious people view the world with the eyes of a child and the processing power of a Commodore 64. Here… Continue reading

christians warp the bible: gay marriage

It seems that a lot of Christians believe their god God would have a problem with gay marriage. Oddly enough, this bizarre interpretation of the book that encourages love and faithfulness is particularly… Continue reading

christians warp the bible: money

It seems that a lot of Christians believe that their god God has blessed wealthy people. This bizarre interpretation of the money-hating New Testament is particularly rife in the USA, where Christians often attend… Continue reading

lessons for christian ladies

I really struggle with how we reconcile gender equality and Christianity. On the one hand, I have Insanitybytes insisting “I exist in a very female centered belief system”, and on the other hand… Continue reading

the love of eternal torment

It’s surprising that most Christians are rather complacent about their core belief in hell: the majority of human beings who exist and have existed will spend eternity is some form of torment. Sermons dwelling… Continue reading

why do people believe in the Christian god God?

It is mind boggling the lengths people travel to cast out the Creator from His own workmanship, as if man has the title deed to the very dirt of earth. Blog buddy Ark has a… Continue reading

all socialism is slavery

In countries where socialism is more open, the government pays for the healthcare — AFTER it has extracted the money from the people. This hides the cost, so people believe it is free.… Continue reading