all socialism is slavery


In countries where socialism is more open, the government pays for the healthcare — AFTER it has extracted the money from the people. This hides the cost, so people believe it is free. In reality, it is ignorance. They are being forced to pay for something that will benefit others, and that is socialism, and it is also why ALL socialism is slavery. It’s just that the master is hidden. rather than living in a plantation mansion, the master lives in the White House (or whatever state building houses the head of State).

Clare Flourish is very good at finding interesting characters with interesting opinions. This interesting character believes that paying taxes in a co-operative society, where we all benefit from the provision of useful things like education, healthcare, roads, libraries, railways, pensions, social care, welfare benefits and a criminal justice system, is a form of TYRANNY or even SLAVERY.

Now, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If they want to live in a country where no-one pays into a big pot for their own welfare and the welfare of others, they can move to Somalia, or hide in the hills, twitching, with their god-given guns to protect them from the slave-drivers and tyrants seeking tax dues.

However, I do have a few confused niggles about this point of view.

1. Who isn’t willing to pay something for the benefit of others? Seriously. I personally, as an atheist with nothing to gain in an afterlife, don’t mind paying for the benefit of others. Other people don’t have the advantages I have in life, either through birth or misfortune. I’d hate to be well-fed and clothed, my every health need tended to on a whim, living surrounded by people who were hungry and suffering from treatable diseases. This does happen on a global scale and I’m ashamed of myself and all humanity that we can’t yet find better ways to deal with this. But at least I know the people in my community, in the society I live in and from the government I elect, have access to healthcare, education and emergency support when they need it.

2. Who isn’t willing to pay into a bigger pot for support for themselves or their loved ones should they need it? We’re not all healthy all of the time and we can’t control what happens to everyone we care about, or be here to look after them forever. Why would we want to leave those we love in a society that won’t care for them should the worst happen?

3. Why does it seem to be mainly Christians, who claim to believe in a benevolent deity, who claim to follow the teachings of the character Jesus, who bang on about the dangers of living in a mutually supportive society? Did Jesus not wish to help the poor and provide cures for the sick people? Did his followers not sell all their belongings to live communally and support each other?

Obviously no system is perfect. But to aim for a society that doesn’t automatically take care of its citizens seems like a thoroughly un-Christian way to live.