why do people believe in the Christian god God?


It is mind boggling the lengths people travel to cast out the Creator from His own workmanship, as if man has the title deed to the very dirt of earth.

Blog buddy Ark has a deep spiritual itch and is always trying to find out why people are Christians. Every few months he churns out a post asking Christians to help him understand why they believe that the god God and the stories in the Bible are real.

Unfortunately, Ark is an angry atheist who shouts at Christians when they comment on his posts and he therefore doesn’t tend to get much relevant feedback. So I thought it would be nice if I helped him out by compiling a list of five very good reasons why people believe in the Christian god God.

  1. From the point of view of the average human brain, the world is amazing, we are amazing. We must have been made by something, and the Christian story has a sense of history that seems plausible.
  2. People hate the fact that quite often our instincts urge us to behave in ways that go against our logical thinking. Christianity gives Christians something to blame this on, the opportunity to wallow in it, and, crucially, the idea that a superior being will forgive ‘bad’ behaviour.
  3. Christianity gives people a friend in their head. Not just any friend: the nicest, strongest, wisest friend-with-a-plan in all existence, listening to everything they say and blessing them with happy coincidences and sad trials, as and when he judges it appropriate.
  4. There are very good reasons to not acknowledge that life could be any other way: showing a lack of faith by even questioning the god God is a frightening prospect. Not only could the god God be disappointed (either sad or furious), a Christian could potentially lose all their friends and family.
  5. Just look at the figures – two billion people can’t be wrong!