possibly the worst post ever


When it comes to crazy posts from wayward Christians, I sometimes get complacent about just how bad it can get. And then I stumble across something like this: Christian Husbands – You don’t pay for the milk when you own the cow!

What this male Christian blogger tells us in his bovine themed post is:

1. The onus lies on Christian women to make sure they don’t have sex before marriage. Because who buys the cow (or marries a woman), if they can milk (or sex) for free?

2. Once married, Christian women must have sex with their husbands whenever the man wants – because he’s bought the cow.

Now I’m sure all my readers are charmed by this quaint analogy and are keen to hear more. It does get worse.

When your wife tells you “If you do ___________ for me, then I will do that for you”, you need to sit down and take out the Word of God. You must see this as God sees it, as an act of rebellion against your authority over her (and her body), and by extension as an act of rebellion against God himself, because he has given her to you. You need to rebuke your wife’s sinful behavior.

Disgusted? It gets even worser.

When I first had to confront my wife with these types of issues, I would confront her, and then just leave the sex to happen another night, because after all, I like most men don’t prefer to have sex with my wife when she acts grumpy about it. But I realized that the sex still needs to occur, that sex is not about being in the mood, and it is not about feelings, it is about doing what is right.

The great thing about this upstanding Christian blogger, who encourages other people to live by his vile interpretation of the Bible, is that he’s divorced AND remarried. He’s living in a state of ongoing sin. He is a sinner by his own standards and he’s not even doing the decent thing by returning to his first wife, with whom he is one flesh.

Lurking around his About page, we get more insight into the mindset, in the form of praise from a like-minded blogger:

in my alias “Altervater” (which means ‘old father’) I’m anticipating and approving/affirming your point ‘elder man, younger woman’

I expect there’s a pattern here of disgruntled and frankly useless men, unable to maintain early relationships with equals, then heaping all their bitterness on women in general. They look for a belief system that will make them feel good about themselves and will justify their insecure need to dominate. They find this in Christianity’s submission teaching and in younger brainwashed Christian women who they can more easily bully into submission using the Bible.

I could be wrong, I’m just skim-reading these vile posts. He could be a perfectly nice chap with a valid point about owning cows.