thoughts on submission


Submit.  What does that look like?  I don’t believe Christian women go into marriage thinking of ways to disrespect their husbands.  But somehow we often find ourselves doing just that.  This is our natural tendency and biggest temptation.

Submission goes hand in hand with respect.  Respect is asking my husband before I make purchases and listening when he vetoes.  It is placing his priorities for my time above my own.  It is speaking respectfully to him and about him.  Submission is following my husband’s lead even when I think he is wrong.  It is giving him the reigns and trusting God for the outcomes. (Everyday Encounters)

1. If you believe your god God doesn’t have the inclination to intervene when children are starving or people are being tortured, why would you think he’d be inclined to spend his time in your petty little life giving your husband good decision making powers?
2. If you think your husband is making poor decisions, you’re making him an even bigger fool by allowing him to go ahead unchecked. That’s not respectful submission, it’s disrespectful foolishness.
3. When you are prioritising his time over yours, you are  either feeding his arrogance (making him sin) or you are stopping him from treating you with the respect any human deserves (making him sin).
4. Your husband vetoes your purchases? Fair enough, you do seem on the daft side.

This is the first time I’ve posted from my phone. Let me know if it’s awful.