clarification for christian readers III


It seems I’m devoting an increasing proportion of my posts to the subject of religion, and specifically Christianity. I can see how some Christians may find it unusual that an atheist would choose to spend time in this manner, so I thought it would be helpful to clear up misconceptions that have arisen of late.

If you were on the couch, the good doc could ask a fair question: ‘Why do you fill your mind with that which you despise…………and devote such time and attention………..unless you know it to be true?’  (Colorstorm)

1. It’s not because I think it’s true. Not even deep down in a tiny crevice of my brain. I used to think it was true it when I was younger and I discovered as an adult that it simply doesn’t make sense – from a logical, historical or scientific point of view. I’m embarrassed that I used to think such obvious superstition could be real, and I feel sorry for other people who are indoctrinated from youth into believing such ridiculous and often harmful things.

It ain’t you they hate. Not if yer doin right. It’s Christ in you and His truth. He promised they would. (Tiribulus)

2. It’s not because I hate anyone. It’s because I know people who have been hurt by damaging religious belief systems. I know people who have struggled with their natural attraction urges because of the attitudes of Christians; I know people who have made damaging relationship decisions based on what they believe an imaginary god would want; I know women who would have lived much more fulfilling lives without twisted interpretations of an old book influencing their lives. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve ‘met’ many other people with many more horrifying stories from their involvement in religion. So the motivation to continue pointing out the ridiculous and the harmful in Christianity only intensifies.

You do not seek answers, you seek to be right and worship a self made God of your own making. (Person who doesn’t want to be linked to EVER AGAIN!)

3. It’s not because I think I have all the answers. One of the best things about blogging is reading other people’s work, getting involved in discussions and learning from other people’s experiences. I think the whole of Christianity makes no sense generally. But I also think there is a less harmful way to practice this religion, and it disturbs me that there is a trend towards twisting central themes and clear instructions in the Bible to suit a discriminatory and judgemental crowd of self-righteous believers – the true Pharisees of this day and age.

4. I do enjoy being right. Perhaps this is just the easiest arena for winning arguments.

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