ridiculous religion: welcome to the sexual lust demon


How do you know you were never truly in love with the person you married? When you need to blame a ‘lust demon’ for making you feel attracted towards someone else.

One of my kids, (who can see into the spiritual world,) has described to me what can happen when two people are attracted to each other. When they are not believers, each person’s demons reach out to the other and create a ‘pull’ that both people feel as attraction. When two believers meet and are attracted to each other, (and when it is God’s Will,) it is their angels that help create this encouragement towards each other. Simplistic perhaps, but his description of what happens was eye opening for me.

Personally I have been affected by the sexual lust demon. It is just as the bible describes… a ‘burning’ feeling. Not all that pleasant when you really think about it. In order to get rid of the sexual lust demon, I had to cast it out in Jesus name. Thankfully, Jesus set me free from its burn…

So many people today underestimate satan and his legions. But satan would like nothing more than to rip apart families through infidelity and divorce. Just think of how many people are injured through it…

(Dreams of Dunamis on Insanitybytes)