exposing oneself


The human body is beautiful and sacred. Since genesis 3 when God made animal skins to cover the nakedness of our first parents after the entrance of sin, he left us a bit of His garden paradise in the marriage bed alone where nakedness is still intimate and holy.

To expose oneself elsewhere is shameful and makes yourself common instead of precious and special, reserved only for one’s spouse. To partake of a lady’s intimacy is a privilege reserved only for her husband and vice versa. (Tiribulus)

This comment was inspired by a picture of a woman in a tank top and shorts. A woman who I believe lives in Hawaii. Let me take the time to explain a few things about the world to anyone who thinks any of the above quote makes sense.

1. There is extreme climate variation in the world. In some places it is so hot that it would be cruel to expect any person to cover themselves from head to toe, or even from shoulder to knee. Not everyone has air conditioning, and most of us want to be comfortable.

2. What we wear varies from culture to culture, often, but not always, based on the general temperature and living conditions. When I’m in Scotland, I feel exposed in shorts. When I’m on the beach in Brazil I feel foolish and uncomfortable in jeans.

3. There are women who get turned on by hairy hands, women who get turned on by bulging biceps, women who get turned on by tight asses. There are men who get turned on by ankles, men who get turned on by hair, men who get turned on by knees. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t possibly hide all our sexy bits from every person we pass.

4. There are tribes in the world where breasts and penises are constantly on display, and no-one cares. There are some subcultures in the western world where people spend time together naked, and no-one cares. Any problem you have with any bits of flesh is purely cultural programming.

5. If you feel hot under the collar when you see clothed, partially clothed or naked bodies you are probably a human with a full or partial reproductive system that responds to visual stimuli. If you think this is ‘bad’, and people should pile on more clothes so you can stop thinking about sex, you need to get some perspective on the world and read 1-4 again.

6. STOP stealing ancient myths from other cultures and pretending that they were real events! It’s so seriously embarrassing I’m going to scream. The god God didn’t cover anyone in bloody animal skin, you big silly lump of stupid.