what does your heaven look like?


I’m intrigued by the prospect of an afterlife. I’m not incredibly concerned with its location but I am interested to know what believers imagine it will be like.

  1. If you’re surrounded by your family and loved ones and everyone else is surrounded by their family and loved ones, what happens to divorced couples, or even in-laws? Is it just close family or is it extended family? Will my sister be with me or with her husband’s family? Will my children be with me or their own children, or will they be with their in-laws?
  2. If you don’t like someone in your family will they be with you for eternity too?
  3. If your father or mother don’t believe in the same god as you, or if one of your kids is an apostate, will you be able to visit them being tormented for eternity, or will you forget about them, or will it just be alright that they are in a state of torment for eternity?
  4. If Muslims are reclining on couches being served by virgins in heaven, are the virgins doing the serving not Muslims? Are women servants in the Muslim heaven or only if they’re virgins?
  5. What’s the point of having a test time on Earth with all its various difficulties and suffering if we could all be happy in heaven in the first place? If you had a pet dog that seriously offended you, would you punish its puppies on an ongoing basis from behind a screen, and then choose a minority to have a nice life while tormenting the rest? Would that not be cruelty to creatures with lesser understanding?