mandatory rainbows violate right to form opinions


I consider your mandatory rainbows a total violation of my right to form my own opinions. (Insanitybytes)

For those of you who haven’t noticed, WordPress has decorated the top bar of our Reader page with a colourful rainbow display. It’s not optional, but has been cruelly imposed upon us as users of this free blog hosting facility.

This action is causing me some concern, as it is interfering with my right to form my own opinions. I had previously formed the opinion that gay marriage is wrong.

My opinion was based on six dubiously translated passages from a book written several thousand years ago. The men who wrote this book in times of ignorance were under the impression that promiscuous gay sex was frowned upon by the obscure god they worshipped.

That seemed like a good enough reason to come to the conclusion that in the year 2015 any two consenting adults who are in love and wish to commit to spending their lives together should be denied the right to marry in the traditional manner, unless their genitalia is deemed the correct match. I concluded that if homosexuals can’t learn to love and live like me and my heterosexual friends, they will suffer in torment for all eternity.

However, as I was saying, since this rainbow header has appeared on my free WordPress Reader page, and my right to form my own opinions has been violated, I now find I’m leaning towards another point of view. It now seems perfectly sensible and logical to extend the right to marry, and all the legal protection this entails, to homosexual couples.

I appeal to WordPress to remove this multi-coloured eyesore, so that I can recover my right to form my own opinions, and once more hold people from traditionally oppressed minorities in loving contempt.