Monthly Archive: July, 2015

what two questions does every wife ask that most husbands don’t even hear?

The Isaiah 53:5 Project has an answer to this question that I exclaimed makes his post one of the weirdest I’ve ever read. Perhaps the next weirdest bit is that several readers took the time… Continue reading

another challenge for christians

I recently issued a challenge to Christians which received little or no uptake. Not deterred, I’ve thought of another one which I’m sure will be better received. For truly I tell you, until… Continue reading

coincidence, tragedy and other acts of gods

Having just spent some time with people of a religious persuasion, I’m struck by how often coincidences (or indeed any and all random events with supposedly positive outcomes) are desperately attributed to the machinations of… Continue reading

detecting creator forces

we can see him, we can hear Him, we can touch, smell, measure, and detect Him in EVERY way; we simply award the Oscar to ourselves, giving congratulatory speeches thanking ourselves while we… Continue reading

the emperor’s new clothes

Here’s a free donut to chew on: God and His word wins all challenges by not showing up. (Colorstorm) Let’s think about what the Christian god God ‘wins’ by not showing up. Yes,… Continue reading

the two types of christian

It’s come to my attention that there are two broad types of Christian. One Christian wants a god who judges, and the other wants a god who loves. One Christian salivates over arbitrary rules… Continue reading

a challenge to christians

It’s my contention that the Bible is not the inspired holy book of any almighty deity, but a random collection of ramblings by some deluded men from one very small corner of our planet (because only… Continue reading

what should a gay christian do? – part 2

There are lots of Christians willing to share their understanding that homosexuality is a sin. They base this belief on a scattering of passages in the Bible that condemn certain types of promiscuous homosexual sex,… Continue reading

what’s going on over at the bigot’s place?

There’s a charming little blog that some of you may have had the pleasure to encounter called Ask the Bigot. The blog host, Bigot, campaigns tirelessly for marriage inequality based on her experience… Continue reading

what should a gay christian do?

I was wondering if you have a post that explicitly addresses how you believe Christians who experience same sex attractions should live their lives in terms of romance. I’d be interested to know… Continue reading