what’s going on over at the bigot’s place?


There’s a charming little blog that some of you may have had the pleasure to encounter called Ask the Bigot. The blog host, Bigot, campaigns tirelessly for marriage inequality based on her experience being brought up by her loving mother and her lesbian partner.

Bigot’s blog is all about love. She loves her mum, she loves her step-mum, she loves lots of gay friends and she loves the Christian god God. Somewhere in this cosy sea of love, she hates the idea of gay people ever experiencing a committed relationship with someone they love, and is appalled by the idea of gay people ever being parents.

She sets herself up as an expert in the area of gay relationships and parenting and, oddly, she thinks her blog name is ironic. I stopped following Bigot several months back because her posts were simply too disgusting with her sickly sweet back-handed slaps at all gay people.

However, for my last post about gay marriage, she was one of the Christian blogs that I chose to ask for further information on how they suggest gay Christians live their lives in terms of romantic relationships.

She hasn’t replied, but a couple of her fawning crew (who, based on prior experience, could simply be her in another name, her editor, her editor’s husband, her own husband, or some of her husband’s congregation who have sworn loyalty to him in a signed document) had the strangest conversation around me that I thought would be nice to share.

  • (S)he might try consulting the laws of nature where ‘romance’ is nothing more than a ritualized courtship behavior practiced between only opposite sex individuals before they mate for the sole purpose of producing progeny.

    I don’t understand why atheists don’t look to nature for the answers and solutions to their problems. They always query Christians-interestingly. If I maintained I had ‘science’ on my side and knew all the answers to/about life that have been perplexing humans since they crawled out of that monkey suit, I certainly wouldn’t continue to keep looking for ‘love’ in all the wrong places.

    It is equally perplexing why they focus all their ‘tell me why your religion or why you believe” questions are targeted to Christians, only – is that because they think Islam is not one of the great religions- from which they may derive some answers/solutions to their questions/problems? I’ve yet to see a LBGTQ activist or atheist blog targeting or trying to convert Muslims to atheism- waddup widdat?

    • They can take down any Christian religious argument with ease. They do not have that ability with Orthodox Judaism for a variety of reasons but they might develop it in the future. They do not target Muslims I suspect because it is kinda hard to gas-light and name call your way out of a beheading,a stoning, or getting thrown from a roof. They have a kind of erotic exotica fetish with Islam–it is after all male dominated and very cruel–right up their ally. Let’s see them push this in the Muslim world. I am sure ISIS is deeply committed to LGBT rights.

    • I’m a naturalist. Do you have a response to the biological, evolutionary argument against SSM and parenting?

      I am not aware of any LBGTQ persecutions or prosecutions in Vatican State- ‘ground zero’ for ‘radical’ and ‘homophobic’ Christianity – are you?

      But, I am aware that the Catholic Church has provided the most consistent leadership, and majority funding and care facilities to battle AIDS-HIV, worldwide, since its spread throughout ‘gay’ western civilization communities. I am not sure what China, Soviet Union/Russia, NK, Cuba the Islamic nations or the other non-Christian strongholds have done to help these poor victims- if anything.

      What are the Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Judaic positions on SSM or parenting? Why do you only target Christians? Does that ‘turn the other cheek’ philosophy attract you? Are you a bully?

      The Bigot speaks for herself, quite obviously.

    • It’s going to be an interesting debate when the detractors of Western Civilization are forced to debate the merits of their religion, Atheism, with the growing Christian populations in Africa, South America and Asia. While they grow into the culture and philosophy that defines the Wests’ values, morals and successes, we’re being pulled down into the abyss of past, failed social, ethical and morally bankrupt philosophical systems.


      How is that elitist white privilege atheist attitude going to play out in the minority communities? How will LBGTQ battle this oppressed, minority population? Will they be called bigots, haters or phobes?

      Inquiring minds need to know.

I can only conclude that Bigot has hired a new editor with an even odder approach to dealing with unwanted input – abandoning full frontal attacks and opting for the disarming ‘distract and ramble’. The Bigot can’t speak for herself, quite clearly.