the two types of christian


It’s come to my attention that there are two broad types of Christian.

One Christian wants a god who judges, and the other wants a god who loves.

One Christian salivates over arbitrary rules and cruel punishments, and the other seeks logical guidance and compassionate understanding.

One Christian obsesses about human failings and the other believes their god knows best.

One Christian places humans at the supreme pinnacle of a hierarchical creation, the other views humans as a working part of a wonderful whole.

One Christian thinks men are superior to women, and the other thinks every individual regardless of sex or gender has unique characteristics to offer in any situation.

One Christian fears change and difference, and the other celebrates diversity and progress in humankind.

One Christian thinks dogs disappear when they die, and the other believes their afterlife is for all our animal friends.

All Christians are surely deluded, but some have a nicer delusion than others.