the emperor’s new clothes


Here’s a free donut to chew on: God and His word wins all challenges by not showing up. (Colorstorm)

Let’s think about what the Christian god God ‘wins’ by not showing up.

Yes, everything!

  • We can’t see him, hear him, touch him, smell him, measure him or detect him in any way. Christians are still convinced he’s there. He wins by not showing up!
  • Millions of people will tell you they’ve spoken with him. But he tells them all wildly different things and he never speaks to more than one person at a time, how odd. He wins by not showing up!
  • Millions of people pray to him to ask him to make a difference in their lives. Any changes observed are at the same rate (random) as in the population at large. He wins by not showing up!
  • I ask Christians to take part in a simple challenge to test how open to interpretation their Bible is. Several Christians comment, not one of them joins the challenge. And their god wins by not showing up! Eh? Not sure how that works. But thanks for my free donut.

So, anyone unclear why this post is called the Emperor’s New Clothes?