lurking 17: crazy religious conspiracy theory


I’m a bit out of touch with crazy religious conspiracy theories. I know there are a lot out there, and in the Christian world these days they usually have something to do with Israel, abortion or gays. So imagine my out of touch confusion when I read this comment by Higharka on Insanity’s recent post screaming about how intolerant she is:

Part of your reaction is good, but be very careful over these next several years. The same ethnic group that has funded the pro-abortion, gay marriage, immigration, anti-Christian, heavy taxation platforms over the past hundred years is now working to subtly shift public support against other ethnic groups, by using Israel’s ethnosupremacist policies to make it appear as though Israel is suddenly on the side of straight, American, life-affirming Christians.

When you’re looking for allies, don’t turn to the same people who caused all of these problems, even if those people are now suddenly against “the Muslims.” They may always be the enemy of your enemy, but they won’t ever be your friend. Put up the cross, but don’t ever raise Herzl’s idol.

Anyone got any idea what this means? Or is it best not to ask?